Theme: Dance Recitals

The following backdrops are associated with the theme "Dance Recitals"
D003 50 Stars and Stripes
57 50 Stars and Stripes
16.9h x 44.2w
D004 Circus Tent Interior
58 Circus Tent Interior
17.5h x 37.8w
D009 Valentine Portal
62 Valentine Portal
17h x 45w
D011 Musical Notes
63 Musical Notes
16.8h x 44.2w
D090 The Park
131 The Park
19.3h x 48.6w
D097 Elegant Ballroom
22 Elegant Ballroom
19.2h x 49.1w
D1002 Spring Time Park
1517 Spring Time Park
17h x 45w
D1038 Circus Tent
1533 Circus Tent
20h x 50w
D117 On Board Ship
155 On Board Ship
19.3h x 49.6w
D141 New York New York
178 New York New York
19.8h x 46.8w
D146 Munchkinland
183 Munchkinland
16.1h x 45.7w
D151 50 Stars and Stripes
188 50 Stars and Stripes
19.3h x 46.7w
D162 Mountain Path
199 Mountain Path
16.9h x 42.3w
D175 Musical Notes
210 Musical Notes
16.1h x 42.1w
D186 Nightclub Fandango
220 Nightclub Fandango
16.8h x 43.3w
D248 Celestial Abstract
281 Celestial Abstract
19.2h x 47.1w
D258 Valentine Drop
291 Valentine Drop
16.11h x 42.2w
D267 Beige Ballroom
23 Beige Ballroom
16.9h x 41.9w
D275 Music Score
305 Music Score
17.2h x 42.6w
D281 Village with Castle
310 Village with Castle
19.3h x 49.1w
D301 Soda Shop
327 Soda Shop
16.1h x 44.4w
D307 Coin Stacks Drop
333 Coin Stacks Drop
16.11h x 41.8w
D315 Storybook Village
339 Storybook Village
19.3h x 46.2w
D318 42nd Street
1548 42nd Street
16.8h x 43w
D348 Coin Stacks Backdrop
368 Coin Stacks Backdrop
17h x 41.8w
D358 Neon City
377 Neon City
19.6h x 49.6w
D363 Underwater
382 Underwater
16.1h x 40.1w
D364 50 Stars and Stripes
383 50 Stars and Stripes
16.9h x 41.1w
D374 Musical Instruments
392 Musical Instruments
16.1h x 44.2w
D378 Castle in the Country
395 Castle in the Country
16.11h x 41.4w
D380 Garden Scene
397 Garden Scene
15.7h x 33w
D383 Las Vegas Strip
400 Las Vegas Strip
16.11h x 41.1w
D394 Cottage in the Woods
411 Cottage in the Woods
17.1h x 42.2w
D395 Outer Space
412 Outer Space
16.8h x 43.1w
D402 Jungle
1555 Jungle
14.6h x 38.8w
D412 Sky Abstract
424 Sky Abstract
19.5h x 42.5w
D413 Stately Ballroom
28 Stately Ballroom
19.2h x 47.11w
D416 Celestial Abstract
427 Celestial Abstract
16.1h x 43w
D438 Jungle with Waterfall
448 Jungle with Waterfall
19.1h x 47.8w
D440 Football Line
449 Football Line
16.1h x 47.1w
D441 Formal Garden Scene
450 Formal Garden Scene
18.9h x 47.11w
D443 Haunted House
451 Haunted House
17.2h x 44.5w
D451 Village with Castle
458 Village with Castle
16h x 44.5w
D456 Musical Notes
463 Musical Notes
16.7h x 43.8w
D464 Deep Space
464 Deep Space
17h x 45w
D474 Deep Space
467 Deep Space
16.9h x 44.1w
D492 Castle in the Country
481 Castle in the Country
19.5h x 47.5w
D514 Blue Sky with Clouds
485 Blue Sky with Clouds
19.5h x 46w
D515 Blue Sky with Clouds
486 Blue Sky with Clouds
16.1h x 44.2w
D552 Cool Jazz
499 Cool Jazz
19.4h x 48.3w
D553 Cool Jazz
500 Cool Jazz
17h x 44.6w
D575 Celebration
501 Celebration
20h x 50w
D590 Big Top Interior
1397 Big Top Interior
19.2h x 44.5w
D594 Starry Night
1398 Starry Night
17.1h x 49.3w
D595 Courtyard
1399 Courtyard
19.6h x 49.7w
D621 Neverland Forest
1406 Neverland Forest
19.3h x 49.3w
D648 Park with Bridge
1409 Park with Bridge
19.3h x 46.6w
D654 Starry Night
1561 Starry Night
20h x 50w
D655 50s Fever
1410 50s Fever
19.7h x 48.9w
D656 50s Fever
1411 50s Fever
19h x 45w
D662 Blue Ballroom
31 Blue Ballroom
18.1h x 47.7w
D663 Gold Ballroom
45 Gold Ballroom
19h x 47.7w
D664 Tropical Oasis
1417 Tropical Oasis
19.4h x 48.1w
D678 Arabian Courtyard
1419 Arabian Courtyard
19.5h x 48.11w
D679 Treasure Room
1420 Treasure Room
19.6h x 49.1w
D696 Arabian Courtyard
1421 Arabian Courtyard
17.2h x 44.7w
D699 Mushroom Forest
1422 Mushroom Forest
16.1h x 44.6w
D717 Age of Aquarius
1424 Age of Aquarius
16.11h x 44.7w
D719 Rhapsody in Blue
1425 Rhapsody in Blue
16.1h x 44.7w
D721 Mushroom Forest
1427 Mushroom Forest
19.6h x 48.9w
D723 Rhapsody in Blue
1429 Rhapsody in Blue
19.6h x 49.6w
D724 Around the World
1430 Around the World
19.4h x 48.1w
D725 Around the World
1431 Around the World
19.5h x 49.1w
D735 Ballroom
46 Ballroom
19.5h x 49.3w
D738 Celebration
1436 Celebration
19.5h x 49w
D739 Celebration
1437 Celebration
16.1h x 44.8w
D741 Castle Ballroom
47 Castle Ballroom
17.2h x 45.6w
D750 Drive In Theater
1441 Drive In Theater
19.4h x 49.9w
D792 Elegant Ballroom
48 Elegant Ballroom
19.5h x 48.11w
D797 Broadway Theatres
1448 Broadway Theatres
19.2h x 49.1w
D798 Broadway Theatres
1449 Broadway Theatres
18h x 43.6w
D814 Feather Fan Drop
1455 Feather Fan Drop
16.1h x 44.6w
D823 Elegant Ballroom
49 Elegant Ballroom
19.4h x 49.2w
D830 Time Warp
1463 Time Warp
20h x 50w
D840 City at Night
1564 City at Night
16.8h x 44w
D841 Village with Castle
1565 Village with Castle
17.1h x 44.8w
D842 Village with Castle
1566 Village with Castle
19.5h x 49.1w
D864 Munchkinland
1567 Munchkinland
20h x 50w
D915 Jungle Paradise
1483 Jungle Paradise
20.5h x 49.2w
D952 City at Night
1572 City at Night
19.5h x 49.4w
D953 City at Night
1497 City at Night
16.9h x 44.7w
D965 Jungle Paradise
1575 Jungle Paradise
20.1h x 49.6w
D971 Forest Border Legs
1577 Forest Border Legs
19.6h x 50w
D973 Burning Bubbles
1504 Burning Bubbles
20h x 49.9w
D974 Dance Graffiti
1505 Dance Graffiti
20h x 49.7w
D975 Joyful Leap
1506 Joyful Leap
20h x 49.6w
D976 Beige Ballroom
51 Beige Ballroom
19.4h x 49.6w
D978 Town Park
1508 Town Park
19.5h x 48.11w
D979 Ice Cream Social
1509 Ice Cream Social
20h x 49.6w