Meet the Cast and Crew of Kenmark


Lawrence M. Short

Mark Short opened Kenmark in 1980 with an empty warehouse and a background in music and accounting. Being a musician at heart, he gravitated toward musicals, industrials, and live theatre. Although Kenmark’s focus was always live theatre, we initially took on Corporate Special Events to build our inventory of props, lighting, and scenic backdrops, and of course for any young business, to SURVIVE! His music had to take a backseat to the rapidly expanding scenic backdrop rental business. Now he spends his time behind a desk working with our designers to create a versatile and creative inventory for our diverse customer base, as well as handling the accounting duties. Everyone needs a diversion from the stress of a deadline oriented business, and Mark enjoys his time away from the office in his “Man Cave”, restoring British Sports Cars. 

Nancy Short

Nancy Short comes to us from the Video Duplication World, bringing with her years of overseeing customer requirements in the CD duplication arena, including how to utilize their services for targeted marketing programs, instructional presentations, and live performances. After 39 years in the Salt Lake City area, she joined the Kenmark team as Vice President of Accounts Receivable and production and restoration scheduling for our studios. Nancy’s love of theatre and in particular live performance have added tremendously to Kenmark’s focus on assisting directors and producers create the perfect package of scenic backdrops for their venues. Nancy is celebrating her 7th year at Kenmark.

Lori Allee

Lori is one of our knowledgeable customer service reps. Her friendly, cheerful voice will greet you when you call Kenmark. She will be happy to check availability of drops for you, send you a quote or take your order. When she's not busy keeping things at Kenmark organized, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, often over a great meal. Her favorite thing to do however is spend time with her four darling grandchildren. She joins her husband in their church choir where she sings tenor. She jokingly describes her singing as "joyful noise!" We think she's being just a tad modest.


Ismael Delgado

Ismael is one of the newer members of our team and we're thrilled to have him on board. He started as a temporary employee, but it quickly became apparent that he would be a valuable asset to our team so we hired him full-time. Working along side Michael, Ismael works constantly to make sure your backdrops arrive on time. In his spare time he enjoys soccer and fishing. He's also working at teaching Davy a bit of Spanish. Welcome aboard Ismael!

Michael Johnson

Getting the right backdrop in the right box! Sounds simple, but when you have hundreds of drops going out each week and hundreds more returning it can get complicated real fast. All that movement means someone has to keep it straight and  Michael is the man for the job. He makes sure each drop is un-boxed, unfolded, inspected, refolded and re-packaged, often to ship back out the same day it was returned. When he's not keeping the drops moving he loves playing video games, catering to his son Ty and chowing down on Asian food.

Leanne Kaldahl

Leanne is our newest customer service rep. Her sunny personality and sharp humor are sure to charm you when you call in. She's been married 24 years to husband Pat and they have two lovely girls Katie and Megan. Leanne finds her weekends full, watching Katie cheer and throw javelin and Megan cheer and play softball. She loves every minute of it! She also enjoys KU basketball, the Kansas City Chiefs and the World Series winning Royals. 

David McClain

Davy, as he is affectionately called by the staff, is Kenmark's on-site scenic artist. He is responsible for making sure the drops always look their best. He is frequently touching up, restoring, repairing and renewing! He also does design work - such as our Lion King package, and our most popular Nutcracker Snow Forest He also paints new drops when needed. In his free time Davy is a portrait artist, spends time at the gym and loves to down a good burrito!

Jim Mooney

Jim is Kenmark's most versatile staff member. On any given day you will find him answering the phone, folding backdrops, crunching numbers or helping out the marketing department with data input and mailings. After years in the event business, Jim definitely knows what makes a great backdrop! Our own Jack-of-all-Trades is also an avid cook, enjoys French food and loves Phantom of the Opera because it transports him to another place in time. Welcome aboard Jim!

Brandy Schiller

After a brief departure, Brandy returns to Kenmark as the Office Manager. A customer favorite for over 14 years, Brandy knows her backdrops! The rest of the staff is always amazed that we can throw any drop number at her and she'll be able to tell us which drop it is! Her favorite backdrop is D211 (which she will quickly tell you is the Mediterranean Seaside Cafe) because she likes to imagine herself sitting there! When she's not busy helping clients find the perfect backdrop for their production, she loves to shop (you should see her fabulous shoe collection), enjoy Mexican food (and yes the margaritas might have something to do with that) and take care of her horses, husband Scott and son Alex. 

Rick VanTuyl

Making sure that backdrop is delivered to the right place at the right time is one of the most critical roles at Kenmark. It takes a special person to keep track of the hundreds of backdrops being shipped and tracking their whereabouts each week and we're fortunate enough to have Rick to keep it all straight. With a background in shipping Rick has streamlined our shipping department and can tell you at anytime where any Kenmark backdrop is.  When not dealing with FedEx, Rick is often playing with boats and cars! He spends many a weekend in the Ozarks enjoying his family's boat and he is the president of the local Jaguar club. He also enjoys a good movie and says his favorite is Hudson Hawk because it's chock full of one-liners - not unlike Rick himself!