Show: Pajama Game


Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Pajama Game"
D028 City Park
77 City Park
17.4h x 40.2w
D044 Forest
91 Forest
19.4h x 48w
D057 Secretary Office
102 Secretary Office
17h x 36w
D104 Store Fronts
143 Store Fronts
17.9h x 37.9w
D219 Town Square
252 Town Square
16.11h x 42.3w
D221 Forest Portal
254 Forest Portal
17.11h x 42.2w
D222 Forest
255 Forest
16.1h x 41.6w
D243 Warehouse Interior
276 Warehouse Interior
17.1h x 42.2w
D262 Forest
294 Forest
16.9h x 41.11w
D263 Forest Legs
295 Forest Legs
17h x 18.11w
D266 Sleazy Night Club
298 Sleazy Night Club
16.1h x 41w
D293 Courtroom
25 Courtroom
16.11h x 41.1w
D328 Town Square
350 Town Square
16.8h x 42w
D347 Town Square
367 Town Square
16.3h x 42.3w
D354 Town Square
374 Town Square
19.5h x 45.1w
D355 Town Square Backdrop
375 Town Square Backdrop
16.1h x 42w
D405 Park with Gazebo
419 Park with Gazebo
14.1h x 43.1w
D453 Country Meadows
460 Country Meadows
17h x 44.5w