Show: Lion Witch and Wardrobe


Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Lion Witch and Wardrobe"
D399 Snow Forest
1553 Snow Forest
19.7h x 49.4w
D400 Snow Forest Legs
1554 Snow Forest Legs
19.5h x 50w
D407 Snow Forest
1556 Snow Forest
19.6h x 50w
D892 Moonlit Snow Forest
1478 Moonlit Snow Forest
19.4h x 49.6w
D893 Snow Forest Legs
1479 Snow Forest Legs
19.4h x 24.9w
D963 Snow Forest Legs
1573 Snow Forest Legs
19.7h x 48.5w
D964 Snow Forest
1574 Snow Forest
20h x 50w