Show: Aladdin


Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Aladdin"
D061 Arabian Courtyard
106 Arabian Courtyard
17h x 46w
D062 Royal Palace
107 Royal Palace
16.6h x 39w
D063 Royal Study Tab
108 Royal Study Tab
16.1h x 25.7w
D064 Siamese Palace Portal
109 Siamese Palace Portal
17.5h x 44.7w
D1020 Palace Arches
1524 Palace Arches
20h x 35.9w
D1021 Marketplace
1525 Marketplace
18h x 48w
D1022 Temple Street
1526 Temple Street
22h x 52w
D1079 Castle Ballroom
2053 Castle Ballroom
20h x 50w
D124 Text Exterior Cut Drop
162 Text Exterior Cut Drop
16.9h x 44.2w
D203 Church Portal
237 Church Portal
17.2h x 42.1w
D208 Streets of Baghdad
241 Streets of Baghdad
16.8h x 41.8w
D212 Palace Border and Legs
245 Palace Border and Legs
16.1h x 37.5w
D676 Arabian Portal
1418 Arabian Portal
18h x 46.5w
D678 Arabian Courtyard
1419 Arabian Courtyard
19.5h x 48.11w
D679 Treasure Room
1420 Treasure Room
19.6h x 49.1w
D696 Arabian Courtyard
1421 Arabian Courtyard
17.2h x 44.7w
D741 Castle Ballroom
47 Castle Ballroom
17.2h x 45.6w
D744 Castle Ballroom
32 Castle Ballroom
19.4h x 48.11w
D983 Castle Ballroom
52 Castle Ballroom
20h x 50w
D984 Castle Ballroom
53 Castle Ballroom
17h x 45w