What is the Production Planner?

We know a successful show is the result of hours of rehearsal and countless details. While we can't help with rehearsals, we can help you stay organized. Kenmark's Production Planner makes organizing and managing your productions easy!

The Production Planner is a centralized place where you can upload and store information about your upcoming productions. Backdrops, costume designs, stage layouts, rehearsal schedules...and more.  And, the Production Planner is totally FREE!

In Kenmark's Production Planner you can:
  • Select backdrops you are considering for your show
  • Upload production documents
  • Upload photos
  • Write and save production notes
  • Share production information with others (does not require them to be logged in)
  • Have multiple shows in your planner at the same time
Click here to start using Kenmark's Production Planner

Each show folder will remain in your Production Planner account up to 60 days after your show date. At that time, the show will be removed from your Planner list.