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  • ED805 White Christmas Act Curtain
  • ED806 Inn
  • ED807 Regency Room
  • ED808 Barn
Description: Beautifully hand-painted theatrical backdrops designed to provide continuity and quality to your “White Christmas” set. 

These gorgeous drops are designed by Scenic Designer Jason Phillips and hand-painted by Master Scenic Artist Susan Crabtree. They are full-size drops measuring approximately 20′ x 50′ feet.  Each drop has grommets and tie lines across the top and a pocket at the bottom so you can insert a pole to weight the drop.

The White Christmas Package 1 has 4 backdrops. You are required to take all 4 unless your ship date is within the next 30 days. You must order all 4 backdrops to receive the package price.

Have a smaller space? Check out our 20′ x 45′ package for this show!

Note: Holiday backdrop rentals have different shipping schedules due to high demand and rapid turnover. Please contact us for these shipping schedules. Payments for all Holiday orders placed prior to October 1st are due on or before October 15th. All orders placed after October 1st, are due within two weeks after placing the order along with the signed contract and security deposit. If you order within two weeks of your ship date, payment and deposit are due immediately. Payment by check is not  accepted within two weeks of shipping. For additional information, visit our Rental Policies page.

Can’t do the whole package? Check out our individual drops for White Christmas!

All prices are for a one week rental (Monday to Monday). A $500 deposit is required on all packages. Shipping is an additional charge.  Renting for more than one week? Call 913-648-8125 for pricing.

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ItemCorporateNon-Profit/EducationPackage Price
ED805 Act Curtain$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED806 Inn$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED807 Regency Room$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED808 Barn$595.00$495.00$450.00
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