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  • ED826 Act Curtain SCRIM
  • ED827 Cemetery
  • ED828 Grotto
  • ED829 Grotto Legs
  • ED829 Grotto Legs with 828 Grotto
  • ED854 Paris Opera Rooftop
  • ED855 Hannibal Opera
Description: Beautifully hand-painted theatrical backdrops designed to provide continuity and quality to your “Phantom of the Opera” set. 

These gorgeous drops are designed by Scenic Designer Jason Phillips and beautifully hand-painted by Master Scenic Artist Susan Crabtree. They are full-size drops measuring approximately 20′ x 50′.  Each drop has grommets and tie lines across the top and a pocket at the bottom so you can insert a pole to weight the drop.

The Phantom of the Opera Package 1 has a total of 6 backdrops. You are required to order 4 backdrops from the package unless your ship date is within the next 30 days. You must order 4 drops to receive the package price.

All backdrops are approximately 20’x50′ and the legs are 20′ high.

Can’t do the whole package? Check out our individual drops for Phantom!

For additional information, visit our Rental Policies page.

All prices are for a one week rental (Monday to Monday). A $500 deposit is required on all packages. Shipping is an additional charge.  Renting for more than one week? Call 913-648-8125 for pricing!

Please note: This package contains a scrim. They are very fragile and require special handling. Repairs for damages start at a minimum of $100.

The advantage of using scrims is that when lit from the front they appear mostly opaque to the audience, until a change in stage lighting (lighting from behind) makes them almost fully transparent. Scrims have a rectangular weave that is similar in size in its openings and design to a window screen.

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ItemCorporateNon-Profit/EducationPackage Price
ED826 Act Curtain SCRIM$650.00$550.00$525.00
ED827 Cemetery$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED828 Grotto$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED829 Grotto Legs$475.00$375.00$325.00
ED854 Paris Opera Rooftop$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED855 Hannibal Opera$595.00$495.00$450.00
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"I had numerous compliments on Kenmark's Phantom of the Opera backdrops. We felt like the professional Broadway show!!! Without them the show just doesn't leave the impression it should. I had parents tell me we should be doing this production every night all year long. The staff was awesome to work with at Kenmark. Long may they continue helping us out and other theaters. Applause from Dodge City High School audiences to Kenmark!!!!!!!!" Anne K. - Dodge City High School Drama Club