Guys and Dolls Package 2 17x45

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  • ED533 Theatre Marque Portal
  • ED534 Times Square at Night
  • ED534 Times Square at Night with portal
  • ED631 Mission Exterior
  • ED632 Mission Interior
  • ED632 Mission Interior with dimensions
  • ED633 Havana Cafe
  • ED634 Hot Box Night Club with openings
  • ED634 Hot Box Night Club with openings dimensions
  • ED635 New York Sewer
Description: Beautifully hand-painted theatrical backdrops designed to provide continuity and quality to your “Guys and Dolls” set. 

These gorgeous drops are designed by Scenic Designer Greg Hill and hand-painted by Master Scenic Artist Susan Crabtree. They are full-size drops measuring approximately 17′ x 45′.  Each drop has grommets and tie lines across the top and a pocket at the bottom so you can insert a pole to weight the drop.

The Guys and Dolls Package 2 has a total of 7 drops, with a minimum order of 4 required unless your ship date is within the next 30 days . You must order at least 4 drops to receive the package price.

For additional information, visit our Rental Policies page.

All full size backdrops are approximately 17′ x 45′. Need a larger size? Check out our 20’ x 50’ package for “Guys and Dolls”.

Can’t do the whole package? Check out our individual backdrops for Guys and Dolls!

All prices are for a one week rental (Monday to Monday). A $500 deposit is required on all packages. Shipping is an additional charge.  Renting for more than one week? Call 913-648-8125 for pricing!

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ItemCorporateNon-Profit/EducationPackage Price
ED533 Theatre Marque Portal$475.00$375.00$325.00
ED534 Times Square at Night$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED631 Mission Exterior$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED632 Mission Interior$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED633 Havana Cafe$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED634 Hot Box Night Club$595.00$495.00$450.00
ED635 New York Sewer$595.00$495.00$450.00
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"The vivid colors in our backdrops truly made each scene.  The Havana Hot Box was beautiful as was the NYC scene and even the sewer!  We were really impressed with all of them!" Maureen R. - Williamsville East High School