Show: Sister Act


Individual Drops

The following individual backdrops are associated with the show "Sister Act"
D021 Church Interior Gothic
72 Church Interior Gothic
16.6h x 39.6w
D071 Interior Wall
21 Interior Wall
16.8h x 40w
D102 Brick Wall Alleyway
1523 Brick Wall Alleyway
17h x 46.3w
D1040 Office Corridor
1534 Office Corridor
17h x 45w
D1047 Cathedral TAB
1537 Cathedral TAB
20h x 27w
D1048 Castle Interior
1538 Castle Interior
20h x 50w
D135 Bedroom
172 Bedroom
16.1h x 42.3w
D202 Church Interior
236 Church Interior
17.1h x 42.1w
D274 Bedroom
304 Bedroom
17h x 43w
D439 Interior Wall
44 Interior Wall
20h x 50w
D884 Stained Glass Tab
1951 Stained Glass Tab
17h x 30w
D924 Office Corridor
1570 Office Corridor
17h x 45w
D954 Palace Interior
1944 Palace Interior
20h x 50w
D957 Stained Glass TAB
1956 Stained Glass TAB
20h x 27w